Friday, 3 October 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 8

Saturday 20th September - So the very final day of our little irish adventure :o( We packed up our stuff and set off early so that we could go just north of Dublin and visit a few other places till our ferry left.

First place we headed to was Bru Na Boyne/ New Grange (or boil on bottom as Gary decided to call it). Couldn't go up to the tombs as it was too hot to leave the dogs in the car, but wandered round the visitors centre & had lunch in the picnic area.

Then onto the Hill of Tara (or hill on house as Gary called it), lots of moundy hills... lovely gift shop, had an icecream!

Finally set off back towards Dublin to catch our ferry home!

Belle having one last play in her garden!
Gadget & Belle outside the house!
Something much more interesting
than looking at the camera!
Water feature @ Bru Na Boyne Visitors Centre
New Grange Tomb, as close as we got!
Belle & Gadget @ Bru Na Boyne Picnic Area
On the Hill of Tara
A stone pillar... But what a view!
Belle chilling on the Hill of Tara
Gadget @ the Hill of Tara
Entrance to Mound of Hostages
Gary, Gadget & Belle!
On top of Hill of Tara!