Monday, 29 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 7

***Sorry for the delay!

Friday 19th September - Our last full day in Ireland :( so sad! But boy was it a scorcher of a day! We started our day off by trying to find the beach again and ended up at Brittas Bay. It was lovely, we paddled our feet in the water, picked up pretty pebbles and dunked the dogs in the sea, hehehehe

We then went onto the Meeting of the Waters which is where 2 rivers meet and has a pub & a gorgeous garden where you can sit and watch the waters. After a few pics & a rest we moved onto Avoca where we dropped postcards off at the postoffice which was used in Ballykissangel & also took a pic of the pub from Ballykissangel.

The day was finished off that evening where we went out for a nice meal, I had a gammon and gary had a lasagne :)

Path to Brittas Bay
Belle enjoying the wind!
Gadget on the dune
Dunes & The Irish Sea
Brittas Bay
Meeting of the Waters

And again...
Gadget & Belle @ The Meeting of the Waters
Famous Postoffice!
Famous Pub!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 6

Thursday 18th Sep. - So we're coming to the final days of our holiday :( However today was a proper Gadget & Belle adventure as they got to come out with us! We went for a drive out picking some places from off the tourist map to try and visit. Attempted to visit a celtic maze but unfortunately it had shut for the winter... grrr!
So carried on up the road till we hit a lovely little spot smack bang in the mountains with a pub/hotel next to it! Stopped for some lunch then headed back where we found a little foresty bit to give the pups a good walk.
After that we headed back to the cottage, stopping at Avoca so we could visit the handweavers, spent a lot of monies... As bought some gorgeous handmade scarves for family!

Wicklow Mountains(ish)
More purdy Mountains
Gadget in field next to mountains
Gary posing with a poop bag!
Pub we stopped for lunch at!
The forest trail Rather odd statue...
Name of rather odd statue!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 5

Wednesday 17th Sep - Ok so wasn't much of an adventure for Gadget & Belle on this day because me and Gary took ourselves off to Dublin Zoo using a 2-4-1 voucher from kellogs cereal packets! Now 2 things about finding Dublin Zoo, 1. It's in the Phoenix Park which is the largest city park in Europe, 2. There are NO signs to find either the Phoenix Park or Dublin Zoo, apart from the little sign saying Dublin Zoo a 100 metres from the gate! So by the time we found the zoo, parked and paid to get in we were a bit miffed... Now Dublin Zoo itself, we had a good day but wasn't the best zoo I've been to.

After the zoo we drove back and had a lovely (and kinda posh) roast dinner at the Lawless Hotel in Aughrim, very nice!

Welcome to Dublin Zoo!
(Once you finally find it!)

My fave, the sealions!
Saw them being fed!

Giraffes & Zebras


Cute ickle piggy :DAfrican Painted Dogs
Gorgeous Snow Leopard
Yay, otters!
Guv' I swears we did non of the following...
We just p*ssed them off lol

Friday, 26 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 4

Tuesday 16th Sep - So we're onto day 4! This is when the pups got to go out with us, it was a long drive over to Kilkenny with a stop at the Dunmore Caves (damp, dark & WAY too many steps). In Kilkenny we had a walk around the castle gardens which was really nice & Gadget decided to roll in something nasty! Then we went for a walk around Kilkenny itself, quite a nice town, did get ourselves lost but my powers of navigation got us back to the car in the end!


Gary @ the Dunmore Caves
Kilkenny Castle!
Plaque for a monument @ Kilkenny Castle
The Monument!
Gary trapped in the monument!

Gadget & Belle @ Kilkenny Castle
(Just ignore the man behind the sign...)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 3

Monday 15th Sep - Woke up to what seemed like a nice day... then midday came around and the skies went grey! Yup this must be how the rest of our week was gonna go! However this did not deter us, we pulled on our clothes and thought we'd take the dogs for a walk over the little stream across the road (see pic from previous post)... little stream turned out to be not so little and 20 minutes after wading through it, we waded back in rather squelchy trainers and damp jeans!
Decided that wasn't our best idea, so after a change of clothes got in the car and went in search of a beach, to introduce Belle to the seaside!

Also found the town called Wicklow & had a wander, however was still rainy & grey so after something to bit made uor way home!

Belle in the garden at the Cottage,
wearing funky raincoat!
The Beach! Named Ennereilly!
Ennereilly Beach - unfortunately lots of rubbish :o(
Gadget - I loves the beach!
Belle enjoying a seabreeze on her butt!

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 2

So Sunday 14th September... woke up to a very grey & drizzly day! The fear that the weather would be like this ALL week started to set, however our cosy comfy cottage decked out with a tv, dvd player & a very comfy (if small) sofa meant we could spend our day chilling while watching our dvd boxset of Firefly! I did go for a little wander in the afternoon, because I walked out and saw the mist had topped the mountains which always looks pretty, so I took some pics of the area. That evening went into the town called Arklow and had a meal at a pub called Jay Kays, Steak & mushrooms on garlic baguette with a jackety spud & a lasagne for Gary!

Onto the pics...

Spruce Cottage
The Wicklow Mountains
A stream across the road!
Belle happy with her funky new ireland rugby ball
Gadget playing with the funky ireland rugby ball!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 1

SO we spent a lovely week in Ireland from the 13th till the 20th September. Stayed in a cottage called Spruce which was near a little village called Aughrim. So everyone can see pictures that were taken thought I'd do a little diary of each day (this way I wont bore myself silly loading 300+ pictures lol). So lets begin...

We is off on our on jollies!
Oooooooo this is fun!
Ok how many pics can you take with our tongues out mum!
Gary looking dashing on the ferry!
Bye bye Holyhead!!
More pictures tomorrow!!!