Thursday, 25 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 3

Monday 15th Sep - Woke up to what seemed like a nice day... then midday came around and the skies went grey! Yup this must be how the rest of our week was gonna go! However this did not deter us, we pulled on our clothes and thought we'd take the dogs for a walk over the little stream across the road (see pic from previous post)... little stream turned out to be not so little and 20 minutes after wading through it, we waded back in rather squelchy trainers and damp jeans!
Decided that wasn't our best idea, so after a change of clothes got in the car and went in search of a beach, to introduce Belle to the seaside!

Also found the town called Wicklow & had a wander, however was still rainy & grey so after something to bit made uor way home!

Belle in the garden at the Cottage,
wearing funky raincoat!
The Beach! Named Ennereilly!
Ennereilly Beach - unfortunately lots of rubbish :o(
Gadget - I loves the beach!
Belle enjoying a seabreeze on her butt!

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kim said...

some lovely photos kate , looks fun. gadget and belle seemed to enjoy it too