Friday, 26 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 4

Tuesday 16th Sep - So we're onto day 4! This is when the pups got to go out with us, it was a long drive over to Kilkenny with a stop at the Dunmore Caves (damp, dark & WAY too many steps). In Kilkenny we had a walk around the castle gardens which was really nice & Gadget decided to roll in something nasty! Then we went for a walk around Kilkenny itself, quite a nice town, did get ourselves lost but my powers of navigation got us back to the car in the end!


Gary @ the Dunmore Caves
Kilkenny Castle!
Plaque for a monument @ Kilkenny Castle
The Monument!
Gary trapped in the monument!

Gadget & Belle @ Kilkenny Castle
(Just ignore the man behind the sign...)


kim said...

lovin' it kate

WeirdCat said...

Love seeing their adventures