Saturday, 27 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 5

Wednesday 17th Sep - Ok so wasn't much of an adventure for Gadget & Belle on this day because me and Gary took ourselves off to Dublin Zoo using a 2-4-1 voucher from kellogs cereal packets! Now 2 things about finding Dublin Zoo, 1. It's in the Phoenix Park which is the largest city park in Europe, 2. There are NO signs to find either the Phoenix Park or Dublin Zoo, apart from the little sign saying Dublin Zoo a 100 metres from the gate! So by the time we found the zoo, parked and paid to get in we were a bit miffed... Now Dublin Zoo itself, we had a good day but wasn't the best zoo I've been to.

After the zoo we drove back and had a lovely (and kinda posh) roast dinner at the Lawless Hotel in Aughrim, very nice!

Welcome to Dublin Zoo!
(Once you finally find it!)

My fave, the sealions!
Saw them being fed!

Giraffes & Zebras


Cute ickle piggy :DAfrican Painted Dogs
Gorgeous Snow Leopard
Yay, otters!
Guv' I swears we did non of the following...
We just p*ssed them off lol

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kimb said...

maybe you should ask them to add pi***ng them off to the list kate .