Sunday, 28 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 6

Thursday 18th Sep. - So we're coming to the final days of our holiday :( However today was a proper Gadget & Belle adventure as they got to come out with us! We went for a drive out picking some places from off the tourist map to try and visit. Attempted to visit a celtic maze but unfortunately it had shut for the winter... grrr!
So carried on up the road till we hit a lovely little spot smack bang in the mountains with a pub/hotel next to it! Stopped for some lunch then headed back where we found a little foresty bit to give the pups a good walk.
After that we headed back to the cottage, stopping at Avoca so we could visit the handweavers, spent a lot of monies... As bought some gorgeous handmade scarves for family!

Wicklow Mountains(ish)
More purdy Mountains
Gadget in field next to mountains
Gary posing with a poop bag!
Pub we stopped for lunch at!
The forest trail Rather odd statue...
Name of rather odd statue!

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Lorraine said...

More fabulous pics, Kate. Top one is fabulous when clicked on.