Monday, 30 June 2008

Food Diary... what food diary!

Ok so I have to admit that I completely forgot over the weekend I was supposed to be keeping a food diary and can I remember what I've eaten over the last 2 days... like heck! Lets just say it was a tasty and extremely healthy and I'll start again today :oD lol

Went to Stockport Saturday in search of pearlised cards & envelopes, did I find any? Nope, did find some hammered cards but not what I want (Waste of £4.99 really but they will eventually be used!). So really need to go to Hobby Craft and see what they have. It's for a glamourous sophiscated wedding card that a guy at work has ordered. I have the perfect embellishment, just need the perfect card to put it on now!

Done quite a bit of crafting this weekend, have finished off my craft weekend ATC's. Was a bit of a struggle as I've never done 12 ATC's are all basically the same, to be honest it was kinda dull! So wont be doing that again in a hurry.

Also after realising friday that it was my dads birthday sunday and I hadn't finished his present, spent Saturday finishing that off (see pic below).

Last night was kinda naughty... I may of mentioned on here that I wasn't gonna spend ANY money on craft items this month. Sadly I went onto a craft site where a friend of mine gets a discount and ended up spending £25.
Now this was a good £25 spent as I got all 3 dovecraft shalk sets for £2.33 each, fiskers starter set shape cutter for £9.99 and 20 sheets of foam pads for £5. Possibly bought something else, but not sure!
Yesterday had a scare, my cat Garfield decided to go sit outside on the window ledge in my craftroom... Now he's a house cat so not allowed outside, so when I saw him sat there taking in the fresh air I yelled at him to come back. Unfortunately we have PVC sills and it had been raining... All we can say is it's lucky there's a ledge under the window or we'd of found a ginger smear out by the front door. Never been so scared in my life watching my cat fall out of the window, but he's completely unharmed and back to his normal staying inside self!

Anyway pikature time:
Baby girl card, using stamped versamark
mark & blending chalks to colour in.
Image is from House Mouse!

Sketch book for my dad.
Altered Sara-binder, decorated with decopatch
sheets & embellishments.


Friday, 27 June 2008

It's a girl!

This afternoon Gary's older sister gave birth to her first baby, a gorgeous baby girl :oD Gonna have to go back to home bargins tomorrow and swap all the yellow stuff for pink!!!

Have spent tonight making a baby girl card (will post pic tomorrow). Used the chalk technique Cynthia taught me on sunday.

Also been working on my craft weekend ATC's, all I can say is there will be some incorporated decopatch!

Anyway think I'll quickly add my food diary while I'm here:

27th June:

Breakfast: Cheerioats with semi skimmed milk & apple juice

Snacks: Cheese on toast, salt & vinegar crisps & a banana

Lunch: Veggie pizza & a weight watchers rice pudding

Snacks: tuna mayo & cucumber sandwich

Dinner: roast chicken, mash & sweetcorn

Snacks: aero hot chocolate & aero bar.

Drinks: 4 glasses of water & 2 glasses of black currant

Night night

Food Diary - 26/06/08

So here is day 2 of my food diary, will put it at the end after I've had a bit of a natter :o)

Been an interesting week, came back into work Tuesday as I had monday off (pure bliss!) to find out that the sales support role had still not been filled... so I filled out an application Tuesday, interview on Wednesday, offered new role Thursday and now Friday I am sat at my new desk working on a stack of admin work on a much higher annual pay, yay me!

Other than that, took Gadget back to the vets for his booster injection. Now i dont believe that they should have them every year, but Gadget hasn't had an updated one since he was a puppy and he's 5 this year. Belle if we want to breed will have to have them every year and Garf wont have them done as he's a housecat! (that should save me £40 a year lol).

Craft wise, not done much. Stamped out a whole load of images onto 2 of my distressed sheets from Sunday. Just need to cut them up, glaze them and stick it all together and I should have my ATC's for my craft weekend sorted. Sounds simple doesn't it... Doubt it will be lol

So onto the food diary:

Breakfast: Cheerios, semi skimmed milk & apple juice

Snacks: 2 slices of cheese and toast, orange ribena

Lunch: Ham salad sandwich on granary roll, salt & vinegar crisps, 2 mr kipling apples slices

Snacks: 2 aero bars

Dinner: Veggie burger on granary roll with ketchup & mayo, 2 potatoe waffles, cauliflower cheese, salad

Snacks: Aero hot chocolate, 3 maowm sweets.

Drinks: 5 glasses water /1 glass of sugar free blackcurrant


Thursday, 26 June 2008

Food Diary - 25/06/08

So yesterday I went back to the doctors after having a blood test last friday (ick I hate those!), yay my thyroid is back to normal. It was making me very depressed a couple months back and it's hard to believe just by adding an extra 25mg (or however much it is) to my daily thyroxine tabs that it can improve my mood!

Anyway after speaking with my doc (he's great!), I've decided it's time to start loing weight again. He's put me back on weight loss tablets but of course I really need to make the effort by eating well and exercising. So no better place to keep me on the straight and narrow than putting my food diary up on my blog. So I promise to try and be 99% truthful on what I've eaten during the day and I welcome comments on recipes, advice, etc.

Day 1, 25th June 2008:

Breakfast: Bowl of cheerios/cheerioats (ran out of the one while making my brekkie!) with semi skimmed milked + 2 slices of white toast with flora buttery & a couple gulps of apple juice.

Snacks: 2 Banana's / weight watchers cheese puffs (like they've EVER seen real cheese) / 2 low fat mr kipling apple slices.

Lunch: Tuna mayo on a white french roll

Snacks: weight watchers vanilla rice pudding

Dinner: Veggie Burger with ketchup & mayo, crispy slices & salad

Snacks: 3/4's of a mint plain chocolate bar (boy did I feel sick)

Drinks: 5/6 glasses of water over the course of the day

I am not brave enough to weigh myself, but I have to be weighed in 2 weeks by the nurse so will let you know if I have lost anything in that time. Here's hoping I've not managed to get my weigh days co-inciding with my period :o/

Catch ya all later


Monday, 23 June 2008

Monday Blues

Busy since I last posted, I celebrated my 25+1 birthday Saturday and was out Friday and Sunday.

Friday - Had to go for a bloodtest (ick!), then spent money I didn't have in Home Bargins. That shop is lethal, because more or less everything is a bargin! After that spent some time chilling at home, then went out for dinner and a movie. Had surf and turf for dinner, then saw Sex and The City, which was pretty good.

Saturday didn't do much of anything despite being my birthday. Gary bought loads of lovely gifts, a load of craft stuff I wanted, dragonfly/butterfly earrings, final Blood Ties book, Stardust DVD, eeyore & a usb memory stick. Mum sent me over some flipflops, clothes & cute charms. I then stayed up till 3am playing wink bingo with the free credit :o/

Sunday I met up with Cath from the craft forum and her daughter Sarah so she could give me her circle journal! Had a drink in the starbucks and a chat, will have to arrange to meet up next month so she can pass on the Stephs circle journal. After that went over to Cynthias to give her my circle journal and she showed me how to make some distressed paper! Wow she showed me so much I dont think I can remember all of it lol

My fave technique was to stamp an image in versamark, then use blending chalks over it. Very pretty! Also showed me some stuff with my distress inks and also these fun inks/paints that she has which when I have free money will have to buy lol

Currently playing on another bingo site... Won £27.95 yesterday on one site and £30 on another site today! Not bad as it's all free credit they give you to play with. Once I've finished on this bingo game gonna go make myself some scrambled eggs (perks of a day off!) and then go to the craft room to play :D

Catch you all later!


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

Doesn't feel like it's gonna be a good day, for a start it's raining! Which is always bad in my book because I hate rain! Nothing worse than having damp clothes, or your hair which you've spent ages straightening going frizzy because it got damp and having to carry umbrella's around! Nope I am not a rain fan at all.

Also today I am feeling really icky :o/ headachy, nauseous and I've had to drag myself into work to do some reports... I really want to be curled up at home in my pj's with a good book or a movie and my animals snuggled up around me. If I'm lying down Garfield can't help but join me, normally balanced on my hip or side. Nothing better than cuddles from furry critters to make you feel good.

I'm having to put a stop on any craft purchases for awhile... :o( money is tight and if I want to go to the craft weekend I'm going to have to stop spending! So hard when each month I get a craft magazine crammed full of bits that just beg me to go online and buy buy buy! However I am able to hold off on the Dovecraft Fantasy range for the time being as Bobs from the forum sent me some of the chipboard shapes, I will have to settle for hoarding and viewing them at my pleasure till money gets better!

Last night I started on my craft weekend ATC's, I'll be honest not really what the weekend means to me but is crafting related :oD however the stamp I'm using is tricky... It needs a vintage or distressed look to it and neither of these are my strong point. I tried heat embossing it and for once I managed to do embossing well the image looked like a load of pants because it's far to delicate a image.

Maybe I need some crackle glaze like it shows in this months magazine... but then I'd have to go buy it! HELP!!!


Sunday, 15 June 2008

Father Day

Just a quickie, putting up the pictures of craft stuff I've done lately :D

Fathers Day Exploding Box

Fathers Day Card

June ATC - Sent to Jen

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Weeks flies by!

Yay it's Thursday which means 2 things:
1. Heroes is on tonight
2. It's almost the weekend!

Nowt much interesting has happened this week, I made an attempt at work to get the person I don't get on much with to try suggest they go onto another team... No such luck! Darn it, worth a shot though. Other than that my working week has been pretty quiet, a lot of admin, a few escalations and learning new reports (I really dont need any encouragement to snooze!).

Crafting wise haven't done much, have gone a few times into my craft room and just sat there. Photographed my animal circle journal, OH WAIT! I did cut the fun karen foster paper for my weekend retreat circle journal, yay! Oh and I finished off my Fathers Day exploding box, wow I've actually been busy :D

Some big news, I managed to find a decent ticket to get my mum over from the states in August. Cost me £500 and I'm now avoiding the flight sites so I don't find another flight that's cheaper cos that would possible cripple me. I am hoping my mum can come to the craft weekend... It's not been confirmed, but I have managed to get my mum up and chatting on the forum (Well 1 post much count as chatting, right?) so she will hopefully qualify. Also she's sent her "Cold" ATC's, just hoping those arrive before the 15th, cos she left it kinda late this time! Naughty mummy.

Bit lost for crafting ideas at the moment, I know I need to do my 11 weekend retreat ATC's but not sure what to do. I thought we could do them on ANYthing, turns out it's anything to do with what the craft weekend means to me. Eeek :o/ Currently it means my finances turning a livid shade of red!

Anyway I think Gary has more or less finished making dinner, chicken with mash & sweetcorn, nummy!


Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sneezy Sunday!

Ugh I hates hayfever, suffering a bit this morning so really need to go and dose myself up with tablets and nasal spray (ick!).

Received my monthly craft magazine today, I wasn't sure when I originally signed up for the subscription as I only did it to get a free pull along craft tote. However I have been pleasantly surprised each month with how good the magazine is, also the fact they send freebies each month is a winner with me :D This month I got a free flower fairy stamp, however downside they show you all these lovely new craft products which just makes your drool! I am now hunting down Dovecraft fantasy paper stack with matching EVERYthing, it's lush with dragon papers and I adores dragons!

Yesterday I finally got in my craft room, took me a while seeing as I was up till 6am Friday night talking to my mum on the phone (Yeah getting far to old for pulling all nighters!). But I have finally made my intro page for the Animals Circle Journal, I used an idea that I did in a circle journal last year. I took an image I photographed, then opaqued it and used it as backing paper. The image I used for my page was one of kangaroo's I took at chester zoo this year. It's such a cute piccy! The year before I used images of the Smokey Mountains for my Gatlinburg pages.

I haven't had Adobe Photoshop for awhile now (sniff, sob, cry), so was wondering how on earth was I gonna manage to do my photo editing. However Photobucket now have a whole editing suite, so I adjusted my kangaroo pic in there! Very impressed and will save me a lot of money for the time being, all I need to be able to do now is my digital scrapbooking!

I also finished one half of my double LO for my animal page, now i'm pretty sure the animals I've picked are A. Animals anyone has really heard of and B. That anyone from the craft forum would expect me to do! But I saw them at Chester Zoo and their so unusual they needed to be scrapped :D

Right, gonna go work on my 2nd half of my page today if my hayfever lets me, bleugh!


Kanga & Roo!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Long time no type!

Realised the other day it's been a while since I've actually updated my blog.

Too be honest apart from a couple of cards that the lady from work comissioned from me I haven't done any crafting. Just been so tired lately and I really need to get a move on with my circle journal, my pages & intro need to be completed by the 23rd June.

Now it is with great reluctance I admit this, but I did watch the final of Britains Got Talent. As a rule I HATE shows like this, but throughly enjoyed it with Gin the dancing dog, the 2 karate guys and of course gorgeous little George, how cute was he!!! So glad he won and not one of the 2 kids singing opera. Yeah they have voices like angels, but BORING!!! It's a shame that the asian duo missed out though as they were really good as well. I thought the 4 blonds were good the night before, but they lost it with the incredible boring preformance they gave. If they'd done the James Bond track I bet they would of been in the final 3!

Anyway enough of talent tv!

One more day of work and then it's the weekend! Plan on getting some crafting done, need to get a wriggle on to make the altered book for my dad and finish the eploding fathers day box, which I kinda dropped when I got bored of it.

Right, must help Gary out and do some washing up. Promise not to leave it so long before updating again!