Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sneezy Sunday!

Ugh I hates hayfever, suffering a bit this morning so really need to go and dose myself up with tablets and nasal spray (ick!).

Received my monthly craft magazine today, I wasn't sure when I originally signed up for the subscription as I only did it to get a free pull along craft tote. However I have been pleasantly surprised each month with how good the magazine is, also the fact they send freebies each month is a winner with me :D This month I got a free flower fairy stamp, however downside they show you all these lovely new craft products which just makes your drool! I am now hunting down Dovecraft fantasy paper stack with matching EVERYthing, it's lush with dragon papers and I adores dragons!

Yesterday I finally got in my craft room, took me a while seeing as I was up till 6am Friday night talking to my mum on the phone (Yeah getting far to old for pulling all nighters!). But I have finally made my intro page for the Animals Circle Journal, I used an idea that I did in a circle journal last year. I took an image I photographed, then opaqued it and used it as backing paper. The image I used for my page was one of kangaroo's I took at chester zoo this year. It's such a cute piccy! The year before I used images of the Smokey Mountains for my Gatlinburg pages.

I haven't had Adobe Photoshop for awhile now (sniff, sob, cry), so was wondering how on earth was I gonna manage to do my photo editing. However Photobucket now have a whole editing suite, so I adjusted my kangaroo pic in there! Very impressed and will save me a lot of money for the time being, all I need to be able to do now is my digital scrapbooking!

I also finished one half of my double LO for my animal page, now i'm pretty sure the animals I've picked are A. Animals anyone has really heard of and B. That anyone from the craft forum would expect me to do! But I saw them at Chester Zoo and their so unusual they needed to be scrapped :D

Right, gonna go work on my 2nd half of my page today if my hayfever lets me, bleugh!


Kanga & Roo!

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WeirdCat said...

Aww I want a kanagaroo!!