Thursday, 12 June 2008

Weeks flies by!

Yay it's Thursday which means 2 things:
1. Heroes is on tonight
2. It's almost the weekend!

Nowt much interesting has happened this week, I made an attempt at work to get the person I don't get on much with to try suggest they go onto another team... No such luck! Darn it, worth a shot though. Other than that my working week has been pretty quiet, a lot of admin, a few escalations and learning new reports (I really dont need any encouragement to snooze!).

Crafting wise haven't done much, have gone a few times into my craft room and just sat there. Photographed my animal circle journal, OH WAIT! I did cut the fun karen foster paper for my weekend retreat circle journal, yay! Oh and I finished off my Fathers Day exploding box, wow I've actually been busy :D

Some big news, I managed to find a decent ticket to get my mum over from the states in August. Cost me £500 and I'm now avoiding the flight sites so I don't find another flight that's cheaper cos that would possible cripple me. I am hoping my mum can come to the craft weekend... It's not been confirmed, but I have managed to get my mum up and chatting on the forum (Well 1 post much count as chatting, right?) so she will hopefully qualify. Also she's sent her "Cold" ATC's, just hoping those arrive before the 15th, cos she left it kinda late this time! Naughty mummy.

Bit lost for crafting ideas at the moment, I know I need to do my 11 weekend retreat ATC's but not sure what to do. I thought we could do them on ANYthing, turns out it's anything to do with what the craft weekend means to me. Eeek :o/ Currently it means my finances turning a livid shade of red!

Anyway I think Gary has more or less finished making dinner, chicken with mash & sweetcorn, nummy!


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WeirdCat said...

So we can expect some red ATC's with a pic of a toilet and money falling down it then Kate??LOL