Friday, 27 June 2008

Food Diary - 26/06/08

So here is day 2 of my food diary, will put it at the end after I've had a bit of a natter :o)

Been an interesting week, came back into work Tuesday as I had monday off (pure bliss!) to find out that the sales support role had still not been filled... so I filled out an application Tuesday, interview on Wednesday, offered new role Thursday and now Friday I am sat at my new desk working on a stack of admin work on a much higher annual pay, yay me!

Other than that, took Gadget back to the vets for his booster injection. Now i dont believe that they should have them every year, but Gadget hasn't had an updated one since he was a puppy and he's 5 this year. Belle if we want to breed will have to have them every year and Garf wont have them done as he's a housecat! (that should save me £40 a year lol).

Craft wise, not done much. Stamped out a whole load of images onto 2 of my distressed sheets from Sunday. Just need to cut them up, glaze them and stick it all together and I should have my ATC's for my craft weekend sorted. Sounds simple doesn't it... Doubt it will be lol

So onto the food diary:

Breakfast: Cheerios, semi skimmed milk & apple juice

Snacks: 2 slices of cheese and toast, orange ribena

Lunch: Ham salad sandwich on granary roll, salt & vinegar crisps, 2 mr kipling apples slices

Snacks: 2 aero bars

Dinner: Veggie burger on granary roll with ketchup & mayo, 2 potatoe waffles, cauliflower cheese, salad

Snacks: Aero hot chocolate, 3 maowm sweets.

Drinks: 5 glasses water /1 glass of sugar free blackcurrant


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WeirdCat said...

Good luck with the new job and the diary
Ruth x