Thursday, 26 June 2008

Food Diary - 25/06/08

So yesterday I went back to the doctors after having a blood test last friday (ick I hate those!), yay my thyroid is back to normal. It was making me very depressed a couple months back and it's hard to believe just by adding an extra 25mg (or however much it is) to my daily thyroxine tabs that it can improve my mood!

Anyway after speaking with my doc (he's great!), I've decided it's time to start loing weight again. He's put me back on weight loss tablets but of course I really need to make the effort by eating well and exercising. So no better place to keep me on the straight and narrow than putting my food diary up on my blog. So I promise to try and be 99% truthful on what I've eaten during the day and I welcome comments on recipes, advice, etc.

Day 1, 25th June 2008:

Breakfast: Bowl of cheerios/cheerioats (ran out of the one while making my brekkie!) with semi skimmed milked + 2 slices of white toast with flora buttery & a couple gulps of apple juice.

Snacks: 2 Banana's / weight watchers cheese puffs (like they've EVER seen real cheese) / 2 low fat mr kipling apple slices.

Lunch: Tuna mayo on a white french roll

Snacks: weight watchers vanilla rice pudding

Dinner: Veggie Burger with ketchup & mayo, crispy slices & salad

Snacks: 3/4's of a mint plain chocolate bar (boy did I feel sick)

Drinks: 5/6 glasses of water over the course of the day

I am not brave enough to weigh myself, but I have to be weighed in 2 weeks by the nurse so will let you know if I have lost anything in that time. Here's hoping I've not managed to get my weigh days co-inciding with my period :o/

Catch ya all later


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