Monday, 23 June 2008

Monday Blues

Busy since I last posted, I celebrated my 25+1 birthday Saturday and was out Friday and Sunday.

Friday - Had to go for a bloodtest (ick!), then spent money I didn't have in Home Bargins. That shop is lethal, because more or less everything is a bargin! After that spent some time chilling at home, then went out for dinner and a movie. Had surf and turf for dinner, then saw Sex and The City, which was pretty good.

Saturday didn't do much of anything despite being my birthday. Gary bought loads of lovely gifts, a load of craft stuff I wanted, dragonfly/butterfly earrings, final Blood Ties book, Stardust DVD, eeyore & a usb memory stick. Mum sent me over some flipflops, clothes & cute charms. I then stayed up till 3am playing wink bingo with the free credit :o/

Sunday I met up with Cath from the craft forum and her daughter Sarah so she could give me her circle journal! Had a drink in the starbucks and a chat, will have to arrange to meet up next month so she can pass on the Stephs circle journal. After that went over to Cynthias to give her my circle journal and she showed me how to make some distressed paper! Wow she showed me so much I dont think I can remember all of it lol

My fave technique was to stamp an image in versamark, then use blending chalks over it. Very pretty! Also showed me some stuff with my distress inks and also these fun inks/paints that she has which when I have free money will have to buy lol

Currently playing on another bingo site... Won £27.95 yesterday on one site and £30 on another site today! Not bad as it's all free credit they give you to play with. Once I've finished on this bingo game gonna go make myself some scrambled eggs (perks of a day off!) and then go to the craft room to play :D

Catch you all later!


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WeirdCat said...

Looking forward to seeing the versamark technique