Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

Doesn't feel like it's gonna be a good day, for a start it's raining! Which is always bad in my book because I hate rain! Nothing worse than having damp clothes, or your hair which you've spent ages straightening going frizzy because it got damp and having to carry umbrella's around! Nope I am not a rain fan at all.

Also today I am feeling really icky :o/ headachy, nauseous and I've had to drag myself into work to do some reports... I really want to be curled up at home in my pj's with a good book or a movie and my animals snuggled up around me. If I'm lying down Garfield can't help but join me, normally balanced on my hip or side. Nothing better than cuddles from furry critters to make you feel good.

I'm having to put a stop on any craft purchases for awhile... :o( money is tight and if I want to go to the craft weekend I'm going to have to stop spending! So hard when each month I get a craft magazine crammed full of bits that just beg me to go online and buy buy buy! However I am able to hold off on the Dovecraft Fantasy range for the time being as Bobs from the forum sent me some of the chipboard shapes, I will have to settle for hoarding and viewing them at my pleasure till money gets better!

Last night I started on my craft weekend ATC's, I'll be honest not really what the weekend means to me but is crafting related :oD however the stamp I'm using is tricky... It needs a vintage or distressed look to it and neither of these are my strong point. I tried heat embossing it and for once I managed to do embossing well the image looked like a load of pants because it's far to delicate a image.

Maybe I need some crackle glaze like it shows in this months magazine... but then I'd have to go buy it! HELP!!!



Bobs said...

Kate - if you stamp your image, then triple emboss it, you can then stick it in the freezer for arounf 10 minutes. When you take it out, just quickly, but gently, twist it and the embossing should crack nicely.

Practice it a few times and you'll soon be an expert ..... and no need for special crackle glaze.

You can also gently rub in some chalks or inks (a teeny amount) into the cracks to age them even more. Don't overdo it though, ot it will just end up looking mucky! lolol

WeirdCat said...

I must start thinking about ATCs!!
Am sure you must have grown webbed feet by now Kate!! I'm getting my feathers soon to complete the transformation to manchester duck!!