Monday, 30 June 2008

Food Diary... what food diary!

Ok so I have to admit that I completely forgot over the weekend I was supposed to be keeping a food diary and can I remember what I've eaten over the last 2 days... like heck! Lets just say it was a tasty and extremely healthy and I'll start again today :oD lol

Went to Stockport Saturday in search of pearlised cards & envelopes, did I find any? Nope, did find some hammered cards but not what I want (Waste of £4.99 really but they will eventually be used!). So really need to go to Hobby Craft and see what they have. It's for a glamourous sophiscated wedding card that a guy at work has ordered. I have the perfect embellishment, just need the perfect card to put it on now!

Done quite a bit of crafting this weekend, have finished off my craft weekend ATC's. Was a bit of a struggle as I've never done 12 ATC's are all basically the same, to be honest it was kinda dull! So wont be doing that again in a hurry.

Also after realising friday that it was my dads birthday sunday and I hadn't finished his present, spent Saturday finishing that off (see pic below).

Last night was kinda naughty... I may of mentioned on here that I wasn't gonna spend ANY money on craft items this month. Sadly I went onto a craft site where a friend of mine gets a discount and ended up spending £25.
Now this was a good £25 spent as I got all 3 dovecraft shalk sets for £2.33 each, fiskers starter set shape cutter for £9.99 and 20 sheets of foam pads for £5. Possibly bought something else, but not sure!
Yesterday had a scare, my cat Garfield decided to go sit outside on the window ledge in my craftroom... Now he's a house cat so not allowed outside, so when I saw him sat there taking in the fresh air I yelled at him to come back. Unfortunately we have PVC sills and it had been raining... All we can say is it's lucky there's a ledge under the window or we'd of found a ginger smear out by the front door. Never been so scared in my life watching my cat fall out of the window, but he's completely unharmed and back to his normal staying inside self!

Anyway pikature time:
Baby girl card, using stamped versamark
mark & blending chalks to colour in.
Image is from House Mouse!

Sketch book for my dad.
Altered Sara-binder, decorated with decopatch
sheets & embellishments.


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