Thursday, 3 July 2008

Dreaded Dentist

Well I had every reason to dread the dentist... I needs a filling :o( so gotta go back on the 18th July to get it done! So annoying and I really hate needles!!!

Hardly get a minute to myself at work now, i'm just working constantly but I guess the good thing is the days are flying by!

Last night started on this months CJ which is "What's In A Name?". Normally I'm a bit funny about the papers and embellishments I use as I don't like using my fave stuff cos I like to keep it for myself (yes I'm a greedy/selfish little sod), but found myself using Karen Foster and other fun stuff that I kinda didn't mean to... Oh well it looks purty :oD However disaster did happen... I RAN OUT OF GLUE!!! So ended up doing what I could with double sided tape. Now I used to be a BIG DST fan, but then I found a glue that I love and I much prefer it as if you put your paper down a liddle wonky you can still move it around.

Anyway will buy new glue tonight, now for my food diary...


Breakfast: Cheerioats, semi skimmed milk & apple juice

Snacks: coissant & aero bar

Lunch: Gammon, 3 roasties, 3 new potatoes, cabbage & gravy

Snacks: 6 lines of chocolate...

Dinner: Tuna mayo pasta with sweetcorn & a slice of bread&butter

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