Saturday, 5 July 2008

Marry Me David!

Gaaaaaaaaaaawd how gorgeous is David Tennant!??! After tonights episode not only is he still the Doctor but also there's an opening for the Doctors Assitant. Sign me up BBC!!!

As I know some people are keeping track of my food diary and how honest I'm being the truth is over the past few days I have completely lost track of where I was, however I admit to earing half a Giant Grobswitchy Bun... Whats one of those? See picture below for reference!

Also went to see Hancock today, not overally impressed. Thought it was gonna be funnier, but worth a watch! Gonna go see Wanted tomorrow with Angelina Jolie, then we have Kung Fu Panda and some other movies to go see :o)

Crafting wise, my new dovecraft chalks arrived. Purty :oD Also bought a new corkboard to decorate with decopatch papers as I need another board to put stuff up on! Also working on a card for the magazine competition, can't say anymore than that... Oooo suspense!

Right well it's late so gonna love you leave you!


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