Thursday, 25 September 2008

Belle & Gadgets Irish Adventure - Day 2

So Sunday 14th September... woke up to a very grey & drizzly day! The fear that the weather would be like this ALL week started to set, however our cosy comfy cottage decked out with a tv, dvd player & a very comfy (if small) sofa meant we could spend our day chilling while watching our dvd boxset of Firefly! I did go for a little wander in the afternoon, because I walked out and saw the mist had topped the mountains which always looks pretty, so I took some pics of the area. That evening went into the town called Arklow and had a meal at a pub called Jay Kays, Steak & mushrooms on garlic baguette with a jackety spud & a lasagne for Gary!

Onto the pics...

Spruce Cottage
The Wicklow Mountains
A stream across the road!
Belle happy with her funky new ireland rugby ball
Gadget playing with the funky ireland rugby ball!

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