Friday, 1 January 2010

Kt 2010

So I'm making changes this year! Last year I had major upheavel, so now to get it all into some order and make myself happier! So my resolutions and goals for this year are:


- Be Happier & more Positive, I will become a brightsider!
- Pay off £50/£100 p/m on my credit card
- To be less reliant on Gary!


- Hit my 1st target weight, thats about 3 stone by the end of the year
- Start doing Key Skill Maths (this part is to help me move jobs)
- Get Belle doing doogy agility (maybe basic training for Gadget)
- To do different types of crafting (last year I did mainly cards!)
- Wear the glasses I bought!!!! (though may need another 5 pairs scattered around the house to remind me)
- Keep applying for different jobs
- To sort out my stuff over the course of the year and de-clutter

Later on I'm going to pack up all the junky food mum sent me from the states over christmas and put it in a box for well-earnt treats & emergencies! Then have Gary put it up somewhere very high!


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