Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tutu Pretty!

So next weekend I'm taking part in the Pride Pink Dog Show in Manchester (for more details visit here: ) and their theme is Fairy Tails! :D

For Belle and Pennys costume needed tutus! Found this wonderful tutorial for none sew tutus (which is good as I can't even do faux stitching on cards/layouts all that well!!!), visit here for tutorial:

Now with these tutus they dont go all the way around as I dont want to hinder Belle & Penny being able to walk, so the fabric strips stop just a little under. Also glad I didn't have to go all the way around as they took long enough making 3/4 tutus!! lol

Also instead of tulle, I've used a voile material which I was worried wouldn't work as well but it really has!

Belle in her pinky/purple/green tutu!

Penny in her purple and gold tutu

Belle & Penny together!

The tutus!

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