Thursday, 22 May 2008

Almost the weekend!

Wow am I tired today, didn't get out of bed till 7.20am which meant I ended up having to buy my breakfast from work. Have spent the rest of the day feeling pretty greasy and carppy (just like to say I did have a bath this morning!).

Last night after I got home as I said yesterday the rats new fuzzbutts arrived, I spent quite a lot of time dismantling the boys cage, scrubbing it clean then putting it all back together with their brand new bed! This time they have spider man, but they've had batman in the past (who is the better superhero!)

Tate 'n' Lyle chillin' in the batcube!

Also put up the new curtains in the living room, hoping that the crumples in the main pair fall out by themselves as I'm not really on for ironing and have no idea where I'd start on how to iron them! Despite crumples the rooms looks a little more together now.

Of course some of you may know that there was some football match on last night, supposedly a big one... meh, hates footballs so don't cares for it in the slightest! So I disappeared off to the craft room and left Gary "cleaning" while he was watching.

Ever have one of those nights where everything craftwise goes wrong!? Tried chopping a small edge off a card but it kept slipping, ended up cutting about a cm & 1/2 off in the end. Then I was doing a birthday ATC and smudged the sakura glitter pen ink and of course to finish off the night, thought I'd play with a birthday card and glitter glue... well you can guess how many times I got my fingers in the wet glue and of course I wasn't patient enough to wait for it dry I had to put what I wanted to put on the card there and then! After I'd finished the card decided I'd be safer leaving any other craft stuffs to another day!

Received my postcards from the postcard swap today :D their all very pretty! Can't remember whose I got though, but it does mean I can put up pics of ones I did. Though as I really don't like 2 I made, will only put my fave two up!

Anyway I have to go have dinner then off weekly food shopping, so enjoy the pics of the postcards:

Garfield licking his bum lol


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