Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I had a good title...

But because I got disturbed at work by people actually wanting me to work, I never got round to finishing my blog and have now forgot my fabby title!

Also I've been told I have a fan of my blog :D herro Maria!!! lol and I've been oh so naughty not updating for a day or 2!

Lets see... The past few days haven't been overally interesting. A guy who works on our admin team has been offered a new role which has opened up a admin position, something I'd much rather be doing than my current role. So my TM (team manager) has said he'll let this guy train me up on his reports and if he cannot find a replacement in time I'll be contingency *the rest of this paragraph has been deleted*

Craftwise, yesterday was good. I took in my Retreat Circle Journal to work as a lady on my team was interested in seeing it. Anyway after it got passed around, I've been asked what would I charge to make them for other people as presents! I think I worked out with materials it'd be about £10 minimum, so will go back with the cost. Also another lady asked if I could make some birthday cards for her mother in law, one from her and her hubby and the 2nd from the kids. Have made the "adult" card, now waiting for pics of the kids for 2nd card. Quite pleased with that card, I've done one similar to it for my TM's wife but have tried it in different colours this time. Will post a pic at the end of it.

Though I said the other day that I REALLY have to help Gary do housework, neither of us has yet :o/ so gotta make an effort tonight to do it. As the rats new fuzzbutts have arrived (see it means they'll have nice clean pretty cages for when my dad and stepmum arrive Saturday afternoon.
ALSO the new curtains have arrived, so those will be going up. Got a lovely pair of damson pink curtains with black filligree patterns on for the bedroom, also their be a lot smaller shorter than the current pair that's up which pool on the floor and trip me up on a regular basis. I've been considering moving the bedroom around... Not sure how Gary would take to this?
My problem is I have to have a particular side of the bed because of my bedside table and my set of shelves which has my mirrors and jewellery boxes on it. If we move the bed around, then I'd want to be able to sleep near the window (hate not having fresh air when I sleep), but I wouldn't be able to have my bedside table & my shelves there... It's all very confusing, maybe I'll just try and shift everything when Gary's not around one day :D

Right well I shall leave you with the picture of my TM's card and also a sneaky little pic of my circle journal... not too much though to give the game away :D

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