Monday, 19 May 2008

Oink Oink!

Well I feel like I've eaten like a piggy wiggy today! Don't know what's up but I've been starving all day! Yet I've eaten 2 banana's, 1 orange, packet of crisps, ham sandwich, yoghurt, thai green curry with rice & a ickle nan bread + my cereal this morning :o/ maybe I have worms??? lol

Sat here at work till 6pm, I'm doing 2 10-6 shifts instead of my normal 1 a week, as to stop one of my collegues kicking off about having to pick up an extra 10-6 I just offered (anything for a quiet life).

Overall today hasn't been too bad, hayfever has been playing up a bit or I have a cold, not sure which yet?! If i have a cold will be blaming my manager who spent friday coughing and spluttering all over me, ick! However if it's hayfever gonna have to up my tabs, I hates having itchy eyes & nose.

Went online this afternoon to find my Gary a new doctors as he's wheezing something rotten, he needs to go see the asthma nurse, but worries about taking time off work. Found a doctors that does late night appointments, so fingers crossed we can get him registered & seen ASAP. Don't like it when his chest sounds this bad :o(

After Jen making my new mouse tank lid & putting my meece in there new home, they seem a lot happier! Nice actually seeing them and walked into my craftroom last night to find Muzzy Mouse half way up the knotted rope :oD Yes in my craft room I have my very own "House Mouse" lol, well two of them are. Which reminds me, haven't been rubber stamp shopping on House Mouse for a while... with my burpday coming up may have to go have a looksie to see if there is anything I want.

Doubt I'll get any craftwork done tonight as I really need to help Gary with cleaning the house :o( stupid families coming for a visit. It's awful because I get really twitchy feeling when I want to do my crafting and can't settle. Though gonna have to wait till pay day to go buy anything for my "Craft Retreat" circle journal, thinking of going with Karen Foster papers, I really love the princess/fairy/bedtime ranges she does & there's a lovely ebay seller who does some good deals on it. My problem is I have no idea what to put about myself on these pages??? Sure I will think of something. Had a play yesterday making little booklets to put on the pages, worked quite well but need to work out how to do it with less paper...

Well I have half an hour of work left, fun stuff! Will sign off now and go have a perusal around some craft shops :oD

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