Sunday, 18 May 2008

Weekend nearly over??

I'm going to start a petition to demand a 3 day weekend, as 2 days is just not enough!!!

Gary is currently going around the house cleaning, I know I should help but I have a stinking headache and another awful condition... I can't be bothered-itis!

On Friday (not sure if i mentioned this or not), but we received a £10 gift voucher from our landlord!!?? Thanking us for being great tenants!!????!!!!!!!!!! I think it's to do with the fact that the toilet and the water pressure is rubbish in this house, they've now managed to fix the toilet but we're still waiting for when we're getting an electric shower put in.

However to say we're great tenants, when we've only been here a couple of months & the fact they don't know we have 11 rats, 4 mice & 1 dog extra than what we originally said, it's quite funny!

Anyway we spent our £10 voucher on some really cute little icecream bowls & also a tub of extremely chocolate bites, they were tasty :oD

Yesterday I managed to decorate my 2nd circle journal covers for the crafty weekend, I decopatched them with some lovely paper I got from the Birmingham Craft show, then embellished with some stickers from the Liverpool craft show :oD also used some embellies that I've been storing away for a special occasion! I don't know about anyone else, but all the really really good embellies that I have I always hoard away to use just for myself cos I know that way I get to keep em... how incredibly selfish :o) of course it's difficult not too as people send you craft pressies they send you stuff that they know your gonna love! Terrible terrible catch 22 lol

I have this months perm. ATC's to post out for myself and my friend Jen. Really must remember to package them up.

Considering using this months scrap-challenge on the forum to do a page for my furry family album, really want to scrap Gadgets & Belles picture from last Sunday of the sponsored dog walk :o)

Right well Gary has finished doing a blitz around the house and I think he's caved on letting us go to the seaside :oD (think it was the chips comment that got him) so gonna go wash me hair and get ready to go out, yay!!!

First Page to my Furry Family album!

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