Saturday, 17 May 2008

It's Saturday!!!

Yay, the weekend is here :o)

The last few hours at work yesterday seriously dragged! Was meant to wash up when I got home but my mum rang and we spoke for awhile (I sent a mothers day box of goodies for her and granma) and then when Gary got home we had to go to Tesco, joy of joys! Nothing like trying to do your weekly food shopping at the end of the week, your going round thinking "I need to work out what I want for lunches at work next week.......... but it's the weekend and I dont care about work" lol

Did get any crafting done, when we got home we had our dinner - expensive tesco lasagne portions and cauliflower cheese - then vegged in front of the tv.

This weekend got a few things to do:
  • clean the house!

  • go yell at O2 as to why the internet & bluetooth doesn't seem to work properly on my new phone

  • walk puppies dogs (preferably on a beach!)

  • make a start on my circle journal intro page!

On the circle journal, we now have 12 people signed up so we can start actually getting ready to post :oD there are a few tricky themes (like Lou's italin art theme, can't even spell the period she wants!).

Anyway I need to go get ready for my day, may try and update later on!

Maybe I'll make an appearence in Kt's CJ! Look at my sexy butt ;o)

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