Friday, 16 May 2008

My 2nd Home...

A little on my 2nd home -

I joined another craft forum back in Jan/Feb 2006 and i'll be honest didn't find it overly welcoming apart from one person who directed me to another forum she chatted - Canny Crafters and I've never looked back! Everyone on the forum has become a part of my extended family, i love them all to pieces and would be totally lost without them!
Nearly did lose them all last year when our original site was lost due, however lovely Lou set up a brand new site which we all settled into pretty quickly!

I'd say we're a bit of a quirky fun loving bunch and everyone is extremely talented! The best thing about this is that it makes you pick your own game up a notch or two to try and make sure your's is just as good as everyone elses and then you realise, hey it wasn't that hard, which of course makes you want to take up on any craft challenges that come your way (however Lou's embossing challenge for this month as well and truely scared me and I'll be giving it a wide berth lol).

I really can't wait for August where we're all meeting for a craft weekend in Nottinghan, I'll be sharing with Kim which should be fun! Really hoping to learn some new techniques, like how to use my alcohol inks which currently I'm too scared to use. I've also offered to buy a DecoPatch pack which includes glue, brushes, papers and papermache pieces to decorate.

Anyway I really should be working and not "blogging", so back to the slog for now :oD

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