Saturday, 24 May 2008

D-Day is here...

Yup my Dad and stepmum arrives later on today for a short over-night visit. We'll be having a BBQ (if the weather holds up) and having a go on their Wii.

Not updated yesterday or Thursday as was just too busy & far too tired. It's horrible as I seem to suffer with chronic tiredness all the time, spending my days going around yawning not ever feeling like I've woken up properly. Ironicly it's extremely tiring in it's self.

Craftwise - Tried a new card design that was in my monthly magazine, would of taken a pic but it was late & Gary needed it for his collegue at work who was leaving Friday (talk about leaving it to the last minute!). WIll have ago making another as it really required paper that was patterned both sides rather than patterned one side and a block colour on the other. Other than that haven't done much.

Have however done some craft shopping and any crafter knows this can be one of the most important (and fun) parts to crafting, hehehe. Have ordered some new karen foster papers from a lady on ebay, Caylees Crafts. She does the most lovely diecuts at a really reasonable price so I like using her alot. From Craftables I've ordered more Prima Flowers & a versamark inkpad, last time I just ordered the pen to see how it worked, like it so have gone up to the proper pad now :oD and finally some decopatch papers from The Pottery Place. They are the ONLY shop I have found who has the blue cherub decopatch paper which I need to alter a chipboard album for my dad (their very reminescent of micheanglo cherubs which my dad likes).

Also Gary bought me some craft items I want from craftsulove, not the new big bite crop-a-dile though :o( have to wait till i find it somewhere cheap like with my original crop-a-dile.

Anyway I can't chat much longer as we've still got lots to do around the house as basically we did jack-all during the week! So probably catch ya late Sunday


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