Monday, 26 May 2008

Interesting Weekend...

Well as I said on Saturday morning, my dad was coming over to visit with my stepmum for the night. My dad is a sore subject when it comes to myself as though I am currently talking to him, it was only last year that I decided to let him back into my life. The reason for this, is I suddenly lost him like I did my older brother I knew I'd regret that I never let himhave the chance to try and fix things.

Sadly somethings never change, they arrived 6pm, not bad timing but they were travelling from Dorset and didn't leave till gone 1pm so my dad was doing his normal reckless speed driving. Then through out the entire evening my dad and stepmum between them consumed 2 bottles of scotch... and my dad who has a bad knee fell down cos it gave way. Oh yeah, Belle also got very confused by the patio door and ran smack bang into it... We all thought a firework had gone off, looked out side to see a very dazed puppy looking in :o/

Despite this we did have fun, our friends Jen & Gary came over, we had a BBQ with lots of salad, we played on my dad and stepmums Wii. The Wii was interesting, quite fun but no way in hell can any of us afford one in the near future!

Didn't get to bed till 2am (So neighbours are probably p'd at us!) and then Belle decided to howl on and off til 6am. So was a little tired yesterday!

As I couldn't sleep very early Sunday morning, I ended up getting the instructions off the craft forum for making an exploding box from A4 card rather than 12x12. I can be very thrifty with card as it is soooooooooooo expensive!! Bought a 50 pack of white the other week for the up and coming Circle Journal and it cost me £3.99. Gary did once find me a cheap pack of 25 for 99p, but the card was rubbish.

I'm decorating it in dovecraft "manly" papers, it's looking quite nice but have just made a mess of the 2nd inside layer so going to have to go up stairs and fix that before I go any further. The problem I have is that as it is a "manly" box, I really don't have any "manly" embellishments!!?? Oh well may go to Hobbycraft later today and have a look.

Also yesterday as Gary and I were so tired we just vegged in front of the tv and watched some on demand movies. I wouldn't really recommend "The Dark is Rising", it was kinda boring and slow, also very hard to work out what exacly was going on. Then watched "Good Luck Chuck", VERY rude & disgusting, but very funny. Typically Jessica Alba was her normal disgustly sweet gorgeous self :op

What was very amusing is one certain puppy dog, who couldn't quite work out why she was so tired yesterday... Couldn't be because she was up barking all Saturday night could it!!!

Anyway going to go play with my exploding box now,


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