Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Just pop me & call me a pringle!

I have just eaten a rather disgustingly large amount of ready salted pringles with mild salsa... It was goooooooooooooooooooooooooood :o) however gonna have to have something ridicously healthy for dinner tonight, like cardboard maybe :op

Back to work today, oh joy of joys! Couldn't get into it at all, did a few things but really wasn't putting a 100% in, already planning my next holiday! Which is in about 3/4 weeks time as I have looooooooooong weekend planned around my birthday. I'm a summer solstice baby, no wonder why I'm into dragons, witchcraft and all things magic related!

Also been looking into plane tickets to get my mum back across from the states for a visit, it's looking like either August or November. If she comes for August gonna try and swing it so she can come to the craft weekend, have set her up an account so she can try chatting on the forum but I'm not holding my breath. She's not as internet reliant as me.

Made a few cards over the weekend, one as a commission piece for a lady at work & one for Garys grandad, pictures to follow!

Spent a rather large amount of money yesterday :o/ bought £27 worth of goods in hobby craft, so many things going for 99p... however it does add up! Then New Look, bought a couple new hairbands and a top. Did return a pair of jeans, yay up £25! However then went a bought Jen a spanky new outfit from New Look in the Trafford Centre as a birthday present, cost £30 but that's not bad for a pair of trousers, a top & a pair of shoes!

In Hobby Crafts bought some blending chalks so I can have a play, I see people decorating their own backgrouns and everything on ATC's etc (Cynthia is very good at this), so want to have a go myself. First attempt looked good, but then went and smudged the rubber stamp I put on, doh!

Anyway I have to go digest my pringles, see ya later!


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