Thursday, 29 May 2008

Pringles have gotta stop popping...

Sat here feeling very disgusted with myself. Shoving pringles in my mouth as we speak and that's on top of the 2 coissants (however their spelt), an apple doughnut & 2 tesco's versions of 2 stick kitkats. Yet I can't seem to stop eating and with feeling chronicly tired and lacking in energy all the time this just makes me want to eat more!

Really do not know what to do with myself, should go on my trampoline and exercise, but I've walked home from work and shattered from that.

Life is very cruel.

On the bright, most of my craft shopping has arrived for the month! Wow I been a naughty naughty girl...

Prima flowers from Helen
Decopatch paper from one shop
12x12 Karen Foster papers from another
More decopatch paper to come...
Pretty sure that's not all of it??

Really need to make a start on the final commissioned card for the lady at work, but once again the complete lack of energy is killing me and I really need to do it tonight. But also have to go food shopping tonight so that will knock 2 hours off my evening.

Right gotta go make a start... but that means going ALL the way upstairs getting my mini dongle hard drive thing, coming back down, putting the pics on and then going ALL the way back up stairs... Sofa looks far more comfortable!

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