Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Confuzzling Technology!!!

Oh dear, after I stupidly lost the back to my gorgeous little pink nokia 7373 on Sunday I went and signed myself up to a contract with O2 to get a pretty pink blackberry phone!


It's so confuzzling, and was very miffed when trying to find a new ringtone for my phone some stupid website gobbled up £5+ of my remaining credit on the pay as you go sim to download a "free" ringtone...

Also on a blackberry (though mine is more a pinkberry), the keyboard isn't a standard phone keyboard... nope it's like a proper PC keyboard! Now I'm normally pretty quick with texts, but this will slow me down for awhile.

Then when I rang O2 to get my old pay as you go number transfered to my new sim I was told that my credit of £8.50 would be transfered to my new contract account as a credit! Great I thought and was really impressed, then I was transfered to the department who did the move of the number... "No we don't do that, so you have till 9am Friday to use your credit" >:o(

And my final bugbear (where did the word bugbear come from???), I didn't get ANY crafting done last night because I was too busy messing about with my new phone trying to work out what's what!!?? and my new luggage tags for my circle journal arrived.

Though I did get a pleasant surprise with my luggage tags, the company who sent them gave me 6 free small un-mounted rubber stamps! Don't know what I did to deserve them, I was just happy they arrived really quick!
If your interested in this rather nice company they are called "Craft Individuals".

Anyway it's now 07:02 and i have to be ready for work by about 08:45 or Gary wont give me a lift, so I will try and update later (especially as I heard there are no managers in the office today, woohoo!)

Thought I'd leave you with a visual treat...

Lucky dragon ATC


Bobs said...

I'm not convinced that I actually need a Blackberry-type phone, so I'm resisting temptation for the time being! Good luck with yours, though! :)

bossyboots said...

hi kate , just thought id pop on by and take a nosey at your blog , loving it so far and i have only read this first bit !!