Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Good Morning,

So Day 3 of my blog! Writing this one pretty early, still sat in my PJ's as I'm on a late shift today at work (10-6), blah!
My Gary's already headed off, Gadgets growling at who knows what through the front door, Belle can't decided whether to beg for my breakfast or chase Gadget & Garfield... He's past out on his cat scratching monolith!

The skies are blue outside, so could be another hot day! I don't know about anyone else but I much preferred hot summer days when I was kid and could actually enjoy them, there is something quite tortourous about having to be inside an office, I don't even have a window to look out of :o(

Also hoping that my new phone turns up today before I leave for work, was told delivery between 9am-5pm, so hopefully it'll be here before 9.20am (yeah I know fat chance of that happening!). I'm a touch worried by this phone as I've gone against my better judgemet and gone back to being on contract and a 18 month contract at that... But I get 1000 texts, 400 free minutes, free calls to other o2 numbers & a spiffy pink blackberry phone :oD
The whole reason behind this, because my gorgeous little Nokia 7373 lost it's back so the battery is constant display. Now I loved my little nokia & I would of just bought a cheap one to replace the back, but on ebay people are still paying over £30 for a damaged phone?? Madness and I'm not paying that just for a piece of plastic that goes on the back!

Anyway enough for now, I have to get in the bath andget ready for work!

You may not of noticed, but doooooooooooown below is a slideshow of my Circle Journal for last year! It's only of the work I've done, but will eventually get round to adding the work my 11 friends from The Craft Forum put in.

See ya x

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