Monday, 12 May 2008

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Woah, another hot day, sadly this time I spent most of it in-doors working!

Bit on where I work, it's for a large communications company that deals with the business side, shan't name any names but I work for the "Loyalties" side which basically means if you wanna disconnect you gotta get through me first ;o) I work in a pretty small team, there is only 4 of us and we get on most of the time.

Anyway enough of work, I've clocked off for the day!

Guess your all wondering if I did in fact do any crafting last night, well I did! I finished off Pattys Postcards, but I won't put up any piccies yet incase anyone sneaks over from The Craft forum and takes a peek. I also started decorating a couple of luggage tags for my Circle Journal, that came to a quick finish when I ran out of luggage tags and now waiting for new ones to arrive!

Also yesterday I set up another ATC swap, last month my chosen theme was "Time" and boy you should of seen ALL the gorgeous ATC's I got sent to me, sadly I had to dish them all out and send them back to the people who took part in the swap. Have to admit I did pick my faves first. What was really special about the "Time" Swap, was that my mum joined in, which was very tricky as she's currently living it up in Gatlinburg Tennessee. But she managed to get her ATC's sent and they arrived on the dead line (What timing!).

So that my mum can join in more swaps I'm going to try and hold a few more on a regular basis, I could never let mum join up with someone else's just in case she doesn't get the items sent on time and she's ok with that.

About my mum, she's a very special lady and I'm proud to say that all my weird unique-ness comes from her! Though we've had our rough spots over the years she's become my closet friend and I really miss her now that's living over in the states with my Aunt Kathy & Granma.

Me & mum, Thanksgiving in Gatlingburg - 2006

My puppy Belle has just come down the stairs with a treat in her mouth... I'm pretty sure said treat was buried yesterday under my pillow which means last night I probably slept with a Pedigree Tubo lol, puppies you gotta love em!

Anyway though I can't show pics of my postcards, I'll end this blog with some pictures of the "Time" ATC swap :o)

Mum's School Time ATC's

Mum's Time in Bottle ATC's

My Angel ATC's
Reads: "Every time you rubberstamp an Angel get it's wings"

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